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Student council


Student Council

Annually, students of RIMS elect their representatives to become equal partners in the decision making process of managing school activities and events. School has ensured that every year, a student council is elected through a democratic process of electing members by the entire student community.

The council is in charge of maintaining discipline, conducting assemblies, organising events and offering suggestions for the welfare of the student community. Participating in the student council empowers students to become responsible and develops leadership qualities. The student council also fosters a strong sense of community and engages students in their life at RIMS.




RIMS Social Enterprise

Our school firmly believes in inculcating values of empathy and compassion amongst its student and teacher community and consider it an integral part of the RIMS education to share and care for those in need in the community. RIMS is associated with schools for special needs, orphanages and NGOs. Our students raise funds, spread awareness on social concerns and volunteer to teach underprivileged children useful subjects.



The student council is led by Head Boy and Head Girl supported by Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. Our school has four houses to which belong students and teachers. Prefects and House Captain are responsible for their respective houses, fostering strong community bonds and healthy relationships with the other houses. The school also has a Sports Captain and House representative for sports. Being elected by fellow students to become part of the council is an accomplishment to be proud of and a formative experience.

Student Council Members


Name Designation
Mst. Suraj Chaudhari Head Boy
Ms. Dhrati Shah Head Girl
Mst. Ronit Bose Deputy Head Boy
Ms. Nyla Baramy Deputy Head Girl
Ms. Tanishqa Jolly Sports Captain
Ms. Lalitya G. Topaz House Captain
Mst. Rishabh Topaz House Vice Captain
Ms. Harshita Sapphire House Captain
Ms. Drishti Sapphire House Vice Captain
Ms. Malaika Emerald House Captain
Mst. Harmit Emerald House Vice Captain
Ms. Angel Ruby House Captain
Mst. Aum Ruby House Vice Captain
Mst. Adeeb Prefect – Grd 1 to 3
Mst. Ronnan Prefect – Grd 4 and 5
Ms. Aditi Prefect – Grd 6 and 7

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