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Growing with activities


Innovative teaching

We encourage autonomy, creative thinking and real-world implementation in order to stimulate our students’ minds to the fullest. From drawing or sculpting for the younger ones to building robots for the older ones, we make sure that theoretical knowledge finds a practical application that will spark our students’ interest for further learning

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Altruistic & athletic activities

Growing as human beings

We believe that academic knowledge and excellence should go hand-in-hand with empathy and kindness. We want our students to make the world a better place and give them opportunities to start doing so by organizing a World Disabled Day Rally or simply by guiding them on how to help and support each other through teamwork. We think sports play an important part in reaching one’s full potential and strongly encourage athletic activities.

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Involving the Family

We organize numerous events such as our Annual Day and Teacher’s day to give families the opportunity to get more involved in their children’s education and social life. We believe that the bonds you create during your school years can help you through the rest of your life and encourage a class and school spirit to develop.


Discovering the World

We want our students prepared for the world outside. Taking them on a Village Visit gives them perspective on our society and a better knowledge of our country, while a visit from UK students gives them exposure to different cultures and a global mind.

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Celebrating Success

We believe our students should strive for success and be rewarded for it. We incorporate a healthy competition in our activities and celebrate the success of our students at each important step of their school life.

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