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High-end Facilities

IT Skills

Computer Lab

We know how powerful IT has become and prepare our students accordingly. Our small-group activities in the lab ensure they get comfortable with all the tools they might need in their life and career. We also teach them how to look for information themselves, and more importantly to check their sources and get reliable data, ensuring that their learning is supplemented efficiently by autonomous search.

Optimal Learning


Fun & Fitness

Sports Grounds

We believe that sports and other competitive activities help our students grow into well-balanced individuals by encouraging them to excel, to develop their teamwork skills and of course to have fun with the rest of their classmates. This is why our facilities include a running track, a basketball field, badminton courts as well as chess and carrom equipment.

Hands on!

Science Lab

Doing is remembering! Our science classes are strongly supported by activities in our fully-equipped Science Lab, for a hands-on experience of the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom.

Reading & Studying


We encourage love of reading in all our students and offer a wide selection of literature and academic books. Our library is a quiet and comfortable space, perfectly suited to self-study or study groups meetings.

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