Welcome to 2017!

This is a message that was probably seen by most of us first on Instagram or Facebook. The sight of seeing others enjoying & celebrating this special occasion is much more special than thanking our loved ones for being there with us through another year of life.

Welcome to the world where it is easier to emote on social media or adopt the opinions and ideas of others as our own.

A world where authenticity of being is replaced by liking friends and celebrity posts.

A world where “Love” is expressed as a symbol of a Heart or thumbs up.

We live in world where stories are no more in the form of intimate conversations. The days where we could go on and on describing our experiences of an important occasion or vacation have now been replaced by filtered photographs. The most important stories are now the ones updated on Snapchat and mind you many of them are not even real .

Technology makes it so easy to sit in a room with family and friends and yet be omnipresent on Social Media.

With the current scenario of  blue ticks making such a big difference, we have managed to vanish the virtue of patience. Eagerly awaiting and valuing someone’s reply have been comfortably replaced by scrolling and deleting chat boxes.


The planet has never been more inter-connected , the distance no longer a hurdle to reach out . Facebook reminders are now replacing the ability for one to remember important dates so now we no more miss wishing people on their birthdays , anniversaries & congratulating them on their other occasions . You are a part of it as it happens! An instant message , a video call  keeps you connected aurally and visually  ; Have something to say , go ahead and post it on socail media. share a picture , look out for  a  job ; connect professionally; all by just a few clicks and you don’t even need the computer it’s all in your hand ;on your Smartphone .


And yet, this interconnectedness, while wonderful, hasn’t come without cost.

The cost being when we find ourselves subtly substituting or mistaking  electronic relationships for physical ones .

The main aim of social media is to enhance people’s social relationships, ironically it has created a parallel virtual life which is controlling our real life instead of being the other way.

It is an electronic drug that often yanks us away from the physical world and its time we take stock of who is controlling whom. We believe more on what’s on social media than what’s actually happening.


Today lets make a conscious effort to connect personally with our own self  and our loved ones.

Detox from Social media !!

Detox from Social Media. – Ms. Nita Rajguru

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